How to

Toplock is simple to install and use. According to OSHA, an installer can move the scaffold without climbing down, but the irony of this is, if he doesn’t climb down he has no way of locking the wheels… until now.  TopLock provides the “equivalent means” to prevent movement of the scaffold without climbing down.

OSHA states:     Section 1926.452-(W) Mobile Scaffolds-(2-3)

(2) Scaffold casters and wheels shall be locked with positive wheel and/or wheel and swivel locks, or EQUIVALENT MEANS to prevent movement of the scaffold while the scaffold is used in a stationary manner.  (3) Manual force used to move the scaffold shall be applied as close to the base as practical, but not more than 5 feet (1.5m) above the supporting surface.  Also see Section 1926.451-(f) Use-(5)

According to a interpretation letter we received from OSHA, as long as TopLock’s deployable feet render the scaffold immobile, (and they do) these feet would provide the “equivalent means”.



Assembly Diagram

1. Cross bar

2. Toggle lever

3. Hitch pin

4. Pole

5. Footpad

6. Flange

7. Indicator case

8. Handle nut

9. Lock nut

10. Plunger


Parts List

Each TopLock system comes with TWO locking assemblies

2 Cross bars with red toggle lever

2 Cross bars without red toggle lever

2 Vertical poles

2 Footpads

8 Hitch pins

(This list and full instructions are supplied with each TopLock purchase).