About Toplock Corp

TopLock Corporation, located in Mooresville, Indiana, is a family-owned business. Sonny Perry, the company’s founder has been working with scaffolding, both on top of them and improving them for over 60 years.

During that time he has been granted three industry changing patents that have reduced job cost, increased safety, and added innovations to the scaffold industry. His common sense approach to problem solving on the jobsite gave him the idea for TopLock.

About Sonny Perry

At 26 years old, Sonny Perry worked for Baker Forms building wood forms- Hammering 8 hrs a day.

At 29 years old Sonny began working for a large acoustical ceiling contractor in Indianapolis called Anning and Johnson.

Sonny did a lot of ceiling work on the side to make extra money.

While working for Anning and Johnson, Sonny was racing with another employee to see who could put ceilings in faster. Each would start in twin hallways of a Medical Clinic and see who was farther along at the end of the day. Sonny was thinking what he could do to get the edge on his competition. Part of their work was done on a scaffold 4 foot high and the rest was done working on a scaffold at 2 foot high. Sonny began to think how he could make the height of the scaffold adjustable without totally tearing the scaffolding down, thus the invention of the Perry Scaffold.

After 3 years of working for Anning and Johnson, Sonny decided he had enough experience to go out on his own.

1962- Perry Acoustics Company Established

Sonny began operation of Perry Acoustics out of his home and the business has now grown to employ approximately 50 skilled laborers.

1965- Perry Manufacturing Established

Sonny was involved in the manufacturing process of the Perry Scaffold, manufactured in his hometown of Mooresville Indiana.

1971- Sonny sold Perry Manufacturing

1982- Sunco Construction Established

Sonny had a friend who owned a large construction company; the company was too big to do a lot of small work that was coming to them. Sonny started Sunco Construction to handle the overflow of smaller work coming from his friend.

1986 – Sonny Scaffolds, Inc. Established

Sonny manufactured both the auto lock and the gravity lock scaffold.   He ws involved daily with all aspects of the business including manufacturing, material purchasing and quality control.

2004 – Sonny Scaffolds, Inc. was sold

2007 – TopLock Corporation Established


August 13, 1968 – Adjustable Scaffold Lock System

December 27, 1988 – Auto Lock Scaffold (Originally sold through Sonny Scaffolds, Inc.)

February 21, 1995 – Gravity Lock ( originally sold through Sonny Scaffolds, Inc.)



Sonny Perry