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Mobile Interior Scaffold Locking Device

  • Saves Time – Less man-hours means less labor costs and that’s a real plus in today’s economy.  With TopLock you save man-hours by eliminating the need to climb up and down
  • Meets OSHA Standards – According to OSHA, an installer can move the scaffold without climbing down, but the irony of this is, if he doesn’t climb down he has no way of locking the wheels… until now.  TopLock provides the “equivalent means” [OSHA Standard: Section 1926.452-(W) Mobile Scaffolds-(2-3)] to prevent movement of the scaffold without climbing down
  • Reduces risks of injury – Most scaffold injuries occur when the worker is climbing up and down from the scaffolding and with TopLock there is no need to climb
  • Reduces Safety Violations – Improper use of  a scaffold is fined by OSHA more than any other safety violation.  TopLock is so simple to use that your workers can easily comply with the OSHA standards
  • Affordable – TopLock is not only affordable, it saves you money in lost time on the job by reducing the climb for your installers 70% less other lock systems

This interior scaffold lock allows workers to lock and unlock the scaffold without climbing up and down.  Anyone that has worked on an interior scaffold knows how much time is wasted locking and unlocking your casters every time you move. But failing to do so will cost you… either with a safety violation fine, or even worse an injured worker.

TopLock was created to address these problems.

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